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Pennsylvania Academy for Necroambulate Studies
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DrZ. R. W. Clitherow
Photo, RWClitherow, Dean of Medical Sciences
Dean of Medical Sciences & Theology

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Here you'll learn all about The Pennsylvania Academy for Necroambulate Studies. The subject of Necroambulates, commonly known as zombies are the topics of study here.

On this home page, I'll introduce the faculty of PANS and shed some light into the vast darkness that is the public's lack of knowledge regarding zombies.

Please take a moment to peruse the catalog of theses on the many aspects of zombies and their impact (or potential impact) on society.


What's New?

I will alert any new entries here:

Now acepting requests for thesis! Send the Academy your question and we will research the issue.

Please feel free to contact the Academy via e-mail ( Comments, questions and requests welcomed. Most comments/questions will be posted!